About us


Welcome to Be Seated,  an Edinburgh based furniture company run by Peter Holmes. With over 30 years experience of producing bespoke upholstered furniture, Peter's in-depth knowledge of traditional skills means each new piece is handmade, not mass produced.  

"We recognise that everyone's tastes and requirements are different. That's why every project is handled in a professional and personal manner. The skill, care and creativity that goes into our furniture gives character and an instantly recognisable mark of excellence."

Be Seated combines classic and contemporary styling with traditional furniture making and upholstery techniques to create unique pieces for any living environment. Designs are tailored to your individual requirements and priced accordingly. The comfort and ergonomics of a piece can vary from client to client, therefore Peter will work with you to achieve the best possible result.

Peter is a member of The Association of Master Upholsterers

Click here to view video footage of The Making Of The Foyer Chair